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As always it starts with the one boy entering the classroom the completely holds your intention. Brown boots, wrangler jeans, some redneck logo shirt, and a can of dip obviously shown in the back pocket. Brown hair and green eyes, he was gorgeous. I watched as he took his seat(opposite side of the room) without even noticing me. It wasnt exactly love at first sight. My self confidence was still pretty low then from a bad break up and I was honest with myself. He was hottttt!! This was the only class I had with him. Spanish. The most I learned was _____ es muy caliente and Yo tango el hots fot ______(lol yeah thats right, I improvised) If your already wondering I can go ahead and say that I barely passed with a D in that class. I had all As in my other classes(suprise, suprise). Back on track though. ______ and me were officially introduced the 2nd week into class when I was partnered with his friend and they say right next to each other so they could talk about some random car stuff(NO CLUE!) After awhile they remembered me. My partner introduces me and ______ gives me the once over by his look I would guess he rated me average(P.E.days suck!)But suprisingly, not long after that he started to win my heart. He's cocky and carefree and totally oblivious to the serious things unless he cares to look, but I prayed to god he would care to look at me and just see how much I already cared about him. I loved our conversations and how he understood me. One day while watching a movie in class he army crawled across the floor to my desk just to say hi..he did this 2 more times just b/c I laughed so hard the first time. In spanish we were awarded fake Euros for doing good on tests and stuff and towards the end of the semester he gave me his only Euro earned and said I had to keep it forever and ever..This was my 7th grade year..
In my 8th grade yr he was gone..he moved to mexico and stayed with his brother. I was desperate to hear from him or anything about him..I kept living, kept being happy, but it just wasnt the same without seeing those green eyes everyday. My freshman year was quite a shock. I had joined a program that required me to work my schools football games and who should show up? None other than my green eyed boy. Unfortunately I was very upset with someone and wasnt at all in a welcoming mood to someone I felt had abandoned me and left me hanging there to dry. It took all my stength not to cry when he hugged me. That was all that I could manage. I went home early cried myself to sleep and hated myself for ever loving someone who could abandon me. Eventually he found a way back into my life. Not very hard considering I was in love with the boy. We ended up dating the summer before my sophomore year. He wasnt in school anymore and lived around 45 minutes..after awhile it was just to much..I hadnt been ready for that relationship with him and he needed something else at that point and time. I dated other people, trying not to compare them to him. But how could I not when the boy I loved so much was so close, but so far at the same time. He could make my heart twist with a simple sentence and leave it sore and empty just as easily. We didnt hang out, see eachother, or even talk for a long time after that. On prom night of my sophomore year, my date(who was actually his cousin-I know it sounds bad)decided we'd go hang out at his cousins house. It was understandable that he'd want to. They were close friends and my date didnt know how much I loved _____. Seeing him again caused a whirlpool of emotions in my chest. Pain, loneliness, loss, nostalgia, and a little bit of happiness to see that he looked okay. After that I began dating him once again. This time it became a bit more serious. Since by this time I had unfortunately already had sex it should be no suprise that we would be doing that. My summer before junior year became a wild party in which I was hardly at home usually at his house and pretending I wasnt. My 17th birthday was that summer. I went out with him and some members of his family(his cousin had given us his approval and was happy for us) It was on that night that he asked me to marry him. I used to think about how movies and things say it should be the easiest question you ever have to answer..and it was. I instantly knew I wanted to be with him and since I'd stayed in love with him for 5 yrs why not. I loved this boy and I wanted to be with him forever. I wasnt dumb about it though. I thought everything through and plained out what we would do. I told my dad. He supported me. Said he was proud of the way I was handling it..like a grown up. My mom would have killed me..She just wasnt ready for that information. Unfortunately, I never had to tell her. My fiance had gotten a new job. One that required him to work a lot and sleep little. I didnt mind this. I supported him and hoped things would get easier on him. By this point we decided to break off the engagement temporarily..make sure we were both ready..but then he started talking to an ex. An ex I knew. She was nice, supportive, pretty, and country. I was intimidated. He would even talk about her while he was on the phone with me. And I began thinking. I've been known to overthink things. Well eventually I concluded that he would be happier with her and we broke up. It killed me to let him go, but if I honestly thought he would be happier with someone else then who was I to stop that? Well, it turns out fate stopped it anyway. They dated for about a week and a half and broke up. Realized they were better as friends. But we didnt get back together. We talked awhile later. About how we've been. Who we'd been with..Just catching up. No matter how many times we had casual conversations my heart still throbbed and I was so close to tears and then Id stay up half the night thinking about him. Last week I decided I couldnt handle it anymore and just acted like a complete bitch to him..and he hasnt called me since. I believe everyone has their own special someone. I lost mine and thats just something I'll have to live with, but I still keep the euro he gave me in 7th grade. I'll be starting 12th grade this next yr. He will always be in my heart, but I'll try to just think happy thoughts when it comes to him. We had a good run. <3 I dont really know how this site works, but just incase there is a poll for like worst ex or something I want to say that he wasnt the bad person. I was.


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