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Nothin is Forever

I was in the 8th grade wen I met my ex. He was the Cutiest guy <33 I knew he was interested in me cuhz he wud always stare at mee. finally one day he asked me out. It was thru the fone cuz I had confessed I liked him and he did too. He said he was asking me out thru the phone cuz he dint want no other quy getting me b4 him. I suspected one of his other frnds wanted to ask me out and I was rite!! We were very happy at first, everythin was perfect, buy ther was one thnq dat bothered me a ton!! He was a flirt. And all his frnds were girls he dint have one guy Frnd. I hated wen he wud wuld walk in the halls with dem cz dry dint lik me.. Dey were haters. We promised we were qoin to be forever little did we know we were jz gna end up wit nothin. We broke up once and we were both heart broken. We gott bak and we were happy. Since dat day we broke up many times. I remember he gave me a necklace and bear for christmas and a few days later after qoin bak to skewl he broke up wit me. I was really sad. And I knew he regretted it cz as soon as I qave him bak his necklace his face expression changed. Once aqin we got bak. We thut we were meant to be. We went thru a lot together finally dat day happened were I dumped him and I felt bad buy I thut of wut he did and dint turn bak. Now I'm over him , nothin is forever hahah...


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