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dont know what to think anymor

i met this girl on myspace we dated for probally 4 months when we was together it seemed like everything just worked and clicked then one nite she blew me off and i showed up at ur house and she had another guy there and locked the door in my face so i left. a year and a few months went by and we started talking again and started hanging out again and seemed so happy together but she keeps telling me shes not ready for anything she has to get her head on straight. we spend everyweekend together i love her with all of my heart but its not a sexual realationship its mostly like friends she says she dont wanna hurt me again but id do anything to be with this girl so i tryto spend as much time with her as i can i live an hour away from her so its not easy too see her much only on weekends. anyways i have a big trust issue now im scared shes gonna leave me for another guy she broke up with me a few weeks ago for sum guy she met online i went back to her because i thought of the goodtimes we seem to have together and i keep hoping sumday shell see im a nice guy that would never hurt her plus thats what she tells me is one of the reasons we still hangout, does anyone think ill stand a chance with this girl or am i gonna end up with another broken heart:(


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