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Im 15yrs old & WAS with a 14yr old.

Okay are relationship was perfect. That I didnt think anything could mess it up.

Until one night he txted me saying he was "pissed right now cause boys where telling he i was cheating on him kissing had having s*x with other guys". (WHICH WAS THE BIIIGGEST LIE!) I told him "***** you can believe those lies your friend are telling or who ever. but i wasnt and have no idea how to prove it" and cause he didnt wanna tell me there names. (and iv never had s*x with anyone & but i have kissed a boy in passed relationships.)

A day went by & i jus didnt wanna take it anymore cause i felt he didnt believe me & never would. so i told him "its over". So then he stated txtin me names and telling me mean things but i said "like really you THINK your goin 2 make me fell bad im NOT theres nothing you can make me fell bad bout". and its true i didnt fell bad at all, why should i if everything those STUPID LIL BOYS SAID was a big lie.

But then after being apart for 22HRS he txt me
saying "i want my baby back!" "baby plz i feel like sh*t without you!" and "baby plz im sorry.. I love you!"

But i just could'nt take him back but only cause of the things he txt me. And theres more thing said during txt & in person but not all was typed in. The End.


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