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My first heart break

He was my best friend. His girlfriend introduced us. They were always having relationship troubles, and every time they had i fight i had to fix it. it hurt so much, because i had liked him since we had met. One day he broke up with her, and wasn't sad about it. which puzzled me. About a month later, he comes up to me and asked me out. I said yes and we started going on dates. We were the perfect couple, the "it" couple of the school. Me the drama queen and him, the hunckiest guy in school. Our dates were always the best, our first at a skating place. I remember every detail of it. He was always showing off his skating skills, and when anouther guy tried hitting on me, he almost broke the dude's nose. For my birth day he gave me a gaint stuffed dog with hearts, that was the first time he hugged me. On valentines day he gave a anouther stuffed animal dog. we even stayed strong through the whole summer, even when i was half way across the country from him. When school started again he was so happy to see me, he never stopped smiling. He even gave me a bracelet, that he made. Then a week or so after school started he started flirting with his ex again. he didnt stop, so i broke up with him. It was the worst choice ever, he was depressed for months and so was i. now he barely talks to me, and we both miss eachother. after we broke up tons of my guy friends started flirting with me. then my ex's bestfriend asked me out, and anouther guy asked me out. now both of them and my ex are trying out for the play romeo and juliet which i'm in. i miss my ex and he and i have the best chances for getting cast as romeo and juliet. if we both did we would have to kiss, which would make things worse or maybe better. My first heart break sucks, and everything about it is complicated..... :'(


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