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I didn't love girl-B more than girl-A i've bin luving since senior high sch; it happened that girl-A was also in the same college i was studying at. in January 1 ine daybreak, my birhtday, I eventually said I love you (plus all my feelings) to girl-A but never asked do you want to be my bf blah blah, when she was in relatioship with my classmate; just me never telling him about my feeling to her till they were right in relationship.
One day, i said i loved to girl-B on the way home by train; along with a question d u wanna b my bf? She asked me some days to think of it more for some reasons, i.e girl-B actualy lived in the same dorm room girl-A lived; and she also knew a bit that I love girl-A, since A perhaps ever shared to B about me chasing her in senior high.
Finally i really tried to put my whole heart onto B totally and i successfuuly did get the relationship run smoothly. In short, one day we broke up for not really important reason, she went first for it. We became friend; close friend; very close friend; until we've had becoming a backstreet couple n done alot non-intercourse activities, she just didnt wanna do the real one though; i went for her faith.
Now I moved to Taiwan for continuing degree. We kissed softly each other in public (airport) and in front of my classmates. We were really like a couple but without status. We really knew deeply each other. n facebook witnessed us.
When i was in Taiwan, y'know, taiwanese girl are simply sexy beautiful and cute the most. I approached some girls I like, n three of them showed interest to me. one-by-one they chased away simply bcuz i never ended up with asking them out or approach closer JUST BCUZ the girl-B is emotionally attached in my MIND as for now iam wring. now, there's at least one girl out of the three out of possible girl whom i just don't wanna add more to the lists, who is seemingly eagerly wanting me to be her bf. I teased complimented made her laugh most on MSN; though we've only met 5, unforgetable times. the LAst time I saw her was in the library when i did look deeply in her eyes and say hey long time no see, you got many acnes, who are they for? r u sick? bcuz she looked sick. Just that, then on her MSN, she wrote I found my boyfriend; well, she's been writin some seemingly-realted-to-me posts that i've been lingering on. It's been so since we met, a year n a month ago. I don't really like her compared to the other girl already chased away, to be honest. But i kinda feel i want her. But the problem now is if i take her as my gf, then how on earth will it be to facebook page, my photos page on facebook where there's been no gf with me taken a picture together, how about the gossips within my friends with the same country, finally it addresses this question what should I choose, the girl-B who've been really wanting me to be her bridegroom, who's caring for me and already told her boss about me to get a job where she is workig now, who really knows me already OR the girl-T (taiwanese) who i really wanna share my life with supposedly. So speaking of worthwhile, who's better taking? MY EX or MY CANDIDATE?
That's the tale. imho, i couldn't stand for real love now. :)

PS: there is actually a main reason why it was hard for me to take girl-B back, bcuz my mom didn't want her due to her age older than me 6 months, i know this is funny, but it's fact to me. n girl-T is 2 years younger than me.


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