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Well we all know how it begins. He is charming and you fall head over heals for him. I loved my ex dearly and still do, I its stupid but he got his hooks deep into me. We were always just friends, good friends infact. At the time I was dating his best friend. His best friend and I broke up because we didn't get along all that well. We fighted over stupid stuff, but that ended. 6 months after his best friend and I broke up we started to talk a lot and visit each other frequently. I never actually thought I would fall for him. One we were at his house just watching some tv, for some reason we looked at each other tenderly and we kissed. It was all just perfect. We dated for almost 9 months and then things stated going sour. He would make up excuses that he couldn't come and visit me and I could plain as daylight see he was trying to avoid me. When he called me he was very rude to me and abrupt. I could feel something was out of place. His birthday was around the corner and he was having big party at a local get together. His band was going to be the musical act of the night. In his band there is this girl that use to be my friend ( sort of ). He didn't even invite me to his party. His excuse was he didn't think I would like it when I asked him about it. After that I was suddenly invited. That night he ignored me flat and only said hi to me. I talked to some of my friends there.One of them walked away when I began to talk of his strange behavior, and knew he knew something. Later that friend offered to take me home, and I didn't refuse because I wanted to know what's up. He said that I don't him as well as I thought. He came in for coffee and told me the whole story. He said that he saw him earlier that kissing and cuddling that girl from his band. He also said one of his girl friends live in the sam street as him and saw him walking up the street and holding hands with her. I started to cry and asked him if he knew how long this was going on and he said for about 6 months. I was devastated to know that it had been going on for so long and nobody felt any need to tell me something. The next my ex came to my house and said he wanted to "talk" to me. he said that he doesn't think that we should be together anymore because of his hectic schedule with his band. I immediately knew he was leaving me for this other girl. After that he left and we don't speak at all. He doesn't look at me or nothing. I feel realy stupid knowing he was cheating for 6 months and I didn't even notice anything. It is almost 1 year later and I still miss hell of a lot. I just wish he felt the same way :(


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