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I was going out witht this guy he is 2 years older than me, few months later after we started going out he told me he joined the military, i supported him, but a week later i found out i was moving to foreign country for the summer. We decided to make it work. Towards the end of summer, i knew i was going to come back home, but i found out he cheated on me. When i get home, few days later, we saw each other, i confronted him about his "cheating" he said he never did, from that point it has been a mystery, so i broke up with him that day, on december we saw each other and we got back together. He was leaving basic training in Januray, so it was hard but we knew it was going to be ok. I went all the way to his basic training graduation in March. Saw him for 2 awesome days. He was leavng to AIT the 3rd day across the state from where he was, everything was fine until May, i found out he was using me as plan B or somthing, due to his facebook flirts. I couldnt handled being treated like that. so i told him good bye. The next time we saw each other was in december for 15 minutes, nothing happened it was like we didn't knew each other more, i was hopping on getting back with him, after all i really do love him still, but i realize now, that it just won't happen. That was the last and first time we talked since May and seen each other since March. I've wanted him back but seems to me he doesn't, even though he says he does. Thats something i won't know for sure anymore, since he hasn't tried at all. All i know is that he was perfect until he literally changed in may, to the worst to say at least. Both of our families liked each other alot, everything was perfect, in fact i still talk with his mom on facebook once in a while. All i know is that that year and 4 months we were together, those times were the best times of my life. Now i feel empty, like something is missing, i hav had 2 other boyfriends after him, but its not the same at all. I just wish i could be with him before this year is over. There's times i think, there is nohting i can do.


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