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Young love & Letting go

When I was in grade 7 the most popular thing to have was msn. One day I started to talk to another boy I didnt know I had on my msn, Must have been a mutual friend, than god for whoever did becasue this is how i started to talk to my frist love. It only took a few long aftrer school hours to talk to him about inside jokes, high school and all the kids at our school we didnt really like.

Few days later my friends asked him out for me, once they did I found it werid how I was so in love with someone like him, he was alot like me.

I spent every waken moment with this boy, we were always together, never fought nothing could stand in our way, I was grate with his friends, family & he was great with mine as well.

- 10 months past buy, we found more means of fighting over little things, I couldnt believe this was ending, I was losing my first love!
- Summer time past, I always had my friends by myside, I was STILL a virgen and happy about it too.
- This were different, he was now in high school and I was still at elementary school.

This is back when NO ONE had facebook, so the only way was msn, Around march break, I got a facebook account, started off with little bit of friends, more and more.

One day I was my first love had facebook, I thought of sending a friend request, but I didnt. I couldnt bare to see what his relationship status, I always thought to myself "Hes not a bad looking guy, he could get any girl, go to the fun partys"

I stopped looking at his porfile for awhile, and thought I should more on, hangout with friends to get him off my mind. One of my old friends who I knew through our parnets, I asked him to hangout on a thursday night.

- Tuesday, I sing on msn. "Hey havent talked to you in awhile, how have you been"

I couldnt believe it, the guy who broke my heart ... hes talking to me, I talk back being freindly, WE talk about the good times, bad times, fun times and even the hard times. I asked him to hangout with my other friend and I on thursday. I also said my bestfriend to come becasue I didnt want it to be werid being with two guys.

So thats when I met up with everyone and we went to a park to hangout, he asked how I was, I guess my bestfriend and friends plan was to get us back together and it worker, for almost a year and a half, all my grade 9 year.

We broke up a few times, I was always faithful to him.

- Once we broke up, it was hard not to talk to him, we lost our virginitys together, he said he loved me "forever and always"

Anytime a girl talked to him for a while, she would get a nice facebook inbox from me, anytime there was a picture of me with another guy, they would be thretend, I guess we still cared for eachother.

- but almost a year a half ago, we let go of eachother, were now in different relatinships, happy, friends.

- Ive always thought your first love was your only love, but theres different loves and no one can replace them.

- When you fall inlove, remember all the good times, never forget, becasue no one can take away your memories.

- everytime I hear our song far away, I was tear up. I miss him he was my bestfriend. "Don't cry because its over, smile becasue it happend"


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