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I was dating a kid for a year. Through that time, we had many problems with him and other girls trying to talk to him or break us up. One day, he went to a teen dance club. He danced with another girl, and he told me he loved me and all this great stuff, and I fell for it. We worked things out and we were going wonderful again. I loved him all over again. Then, I was in gym one day, and a girl that had been brought up in our fights more than a few times, was once again in the picture. He had been IMing her on myspace, saying he never liked me ever and he thinks shes beautiful. I confronted him and began crying AT SCHOOL. and we worked things out for the millionth time. A week later, my Aunt died, and I was getting ready for the wake. I noticed he was ignoring my messages, calls and e-mails. But it told me he had read them. Hours before the wake, he sent me a text apologizing for everything. I didnt know what was going on, and he told me he liked the other girl. I had been living a lie the entire time.


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