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i still love her

I was with this girl for 3 year. We didnt have a perfect relationship but we loved eachother. 1 year ago she told me she isnt happy and needs to break up with me . She broke up with me and got a new bf . They xxxxed once then she broke up with him and called me and told me she made the mistake of her life . This pestered me for 1 year( couldnt even have sex with her without thinking of what happened ) . 2 months ago i decided i must do something, so i lied i want to dump her and told her to sit patient a bit and everything will be fine . She bugged me 3 weeks in a row to be back with me, i just wanted 2 days of quiet. When she went quiet i phoned her and told her i want to get back. She told me she prayed to God and realised she didn't love me no more . She's with another now. Last thing she did was send me a note . This is what was written in the note
""You are my soul mate. Now it's impossible for us to be together, for we would destroy eachother. Live your life, forget about me and one day we will end up together again, happily till the end of time. Dont wait for me . This might only be an illusion even to me . Just LIVE ! Cherish what has been, give all you can for it to be perfect from now on and love what you dont know will come .
&her name &, the one who learned how to love from you and who now has lost her way in life ...
p.s. i need to find myself again. i dont know who am i anymore , what i want , what i am , what i like and dont like
please set me free , i implore you , set yourself free"
since then we talked 2 times more . and i sent her a message that's basically the same as hers but i told her not to forget about me and that i will, but if chance has it that we get back together i will do all that stands in my power to be back with her . she promised she would write back this weekend . She lied. I'm still waiting .


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