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My ex.

So i dated this guy for 8 months. I decided to end it because of my friends. they kept on telling me 'he doesnt treat me right' and like he didnt tell his parents witch bugged me soo much.. anywayy.. i started dating this other guy and it was going really good but he broke up with me because he knew someone else that really liked me. So i dated that other guy that liked me and then he broke up with me for 3 other girls. i was heart broken. :( then a few weeks later i started dating that guy that broke up with me because someone else liked me.. well that lasted a good ole week or so then he broke up with me again! :( again my heart is broken.. Then he wanted me back and i told him i couldnt trust him.. But now im starting to have feelings for him but he has a girl friend. he got one so he could get over me. I am not over him and i dont think i ever will. He is so sweet and i love him still... I want to date him but should i? i mean this would be the third time and my heart is still repairing itself... :(


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