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The big brick wal!

I didnt really visit dating sites before it happend but then i lost all confidence and got involved with police! I started dating this guy , he seemed really sweet at first but then i got to know him better. He started invitin me round really late at night at first i made excuses but then he would beg so i started to refuse! I thought we should talk so i asked him to meet me at
i got there first and was wating for about five minutes when he finally showed up. he apolagised and hugged me! I felt somthing prick me in the back of the neck i didnt think any thing of it untill i started to freez up
i later woke up on a hospital bed in an old garage he was there with all his mates i still couldent talk or controll myself i was a still rock sitting on the bank of a muddy river. i watched him and one of the men approach me he picked me up and his friend started taking my clothes off untill i was naked he lay me back down and spread my legs wide open he pulled his trousers down and climed on top of me (as a 13 year old girl it was very scary) he started making un safe love to me it soon became a three some then four untill every one was taking part. I became theyer sex toy untill people started searching for me and i was finally found.


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