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Me and my ex met at school but I hated him because he was dating my friend and at the same time was saying that I was dating which is a huge lie because I had a boyfriend to so because of him my boyfriend dumped me and I also lost a friend. But then we started talking the next year and he would always send me gifts. Everybody told me he was a womanizer and me like a dum xxx I told everbody he had changed but in reality he didn't. We dated for about 8 months then people started telling me that he was cheating on me and so I talked to one of his best friends and he told me that even since we started dating he's been cheating on me. Then I found out that he only liked me for my body. So when I was gonna dump him he dumped me cause somone told him and he is never the one who gets dumped according to him. I kind of would get jelous when he walked holding hands with other girl even though I knew he was a big manhore and now a year has passed and every girl knows he's a big manhore so he decided to ask me out and I finaly had the courage to say NO! But he still keeps asking me out but now im in a deep relationship with someone who I think actually likes me for me so wish me luck


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