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Sometimes I wish that I possessed the ability to switch my affections/emotions on and off - like most men can. After three years we called time on our relationship, a month later there was a new Missus. This was a rather low blow :(
An accumulation of things lead to the death of our love - work, time, change of social groups... Towards the end, we were on and off for a month or so until he kissed another woman - I cut ties permanently after that. As I was attaining sympathies from family and friends each person had their opnion on the damnation of our relationship. What burnt me the most was that many of our friends had a feeling that BF was doing the deed, most of them had seen him getting close with his now new gf and no one bothered to rough him up about it or to tell me earlier!!! I didn't realise I had idiots for friends! About 5 of my CLOSEST friends had witnessed or had an "inkling" of something going on, and no one bothered to speak up... I guess either way they would've broken the friend code against one of us. It doesn't matter anymore, I've cut them all out of my life now and it been all the more joyous.

Anyway, blame is on BF for what he did and for turning into an "bleep"-hole.


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