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Selfish Little Man

BF, yes, you! EVERYTHING!!! I gave you EVERYTHING! Now I want everything back - my money, my time, my confidence, my heart... my soul. Three years later and I still think about you. I hate you! The thought of you makes me wretch with shame and disgust. The memory of you is always creeping back, etching its stories into the permanent storage of my brain. Even after all this time I'm still trying to piece together the shards of my demented, cement heart and corrupt systems with whatever mortar I can find - alcohol, exercise, food, seculsion, shXXXy romantic books and movies.

You've ruined me! How dare you?! How dare I?! To let you be the one to ruin me for all men, you selfless, worthless, idiotic turd! Just as my life was working out - great friends, prospective career and a "wonderful" partner.... you eff'd it up BIG TIME! It's amazing what bitterness can do to a person - should I thank you? For exposing the possible troughs that love can bring and the mental preparation of avoiding hurt again? Should I thank you for destroying the maximum capacity of my love for the guy who might actually be "the one"? For all the previously nonexistent issues I now have with men and trust?
You use to be so honourable, head strong, confident and human - it was extremely painful to see you morph into the monster that you are now. You know we were great and you're still (somewhat) my greatest love and greatest regret... I don't want permanent deletion of the memories and lessons I learnt from you, I just want my life back to the way it was but without you in it.


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