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When i was 10 i asked out this guy at first he said no i was really sad. I week later he came up to me and my best friend and just randomly said yes. i asked to what and he said to going out. i was so happy. later that day i went to my mom's friend's house a boy was there is started saying my boyfriend is a doush and he was my boyfriends friend so i ignored him casue i thought he was jelouse later around 9pm he asked me out i said NO he kept asking for the next half hour till later i finally had enough so i said yes i didn't do anything with him all i did was say yes to make him be quiet and to leave me alone the nexy day at school i asked my friend to to my boyfriend what i did she told him and he broke up with me cause she didn't tell him the whole story thats becasue she liked him and didn't tell anyhting about and till this day my ex has never talked to me he only tells his friends what i did to him and still he doesn't know the whole story.


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