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I want him back ;

Well, me and my friend went too the mall one day. And we met these three guys. i had a boyfriend at the time , but when i saw this guy i immidatley fell in love , we talked all the time. but the guy i was already with, ive been with him for 3 years and finnaly broke up with him for the guy i met at the mall. the guy i met had a gf of 3months, he cheated on her with me , they finnaly broke up , and weve been off and on for 7months, he used too call me crying and saying he loved me , and id give in all the time because i love him. and we dated twice. and everytime he left , because he had too much going on so he says. he talked too my mom and dad , said he wouldnt hurt me ,that we would talk for now and wasnt shure if wed date again but hed always be here for me , i was like mhm, so the other day he texted me and was like whats up i said going to the mall he said please dont meet any other guys, i said i wont. so he comes too the mall we hang out, his dad says they miss me and i need to come back over, i said ok, now this guy ignores me , and said i was crazy ? he told me he loved me to, but he is confusing me, ppl say hes a player. and he was talking too other girls while talking too me , and it hurts me, i always feel sick , and get shaky when he calls or texts. i try too ignore him but i cant help it. he told this other girl he loved her too, but i havent talked too him in a while. idk what too do i love hime more then anything :(((


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