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Is it really over?

Is it really over?

I met this guy in paranaque and we used to be very good friends although his kinda older than me by 4yrs..At first I really dont feel anything for him and I never imagined myself falling inlove with him..Until one day I woke up and
found myself falling for him. So we became more than friends and I thought I was fortunate to be loved by older
man because he wouldnt dare to cheat on...But I was so wrong because he started courting my friend and he did this
twice!!!So I made up my mind and I said to myself I have given him everything and there is nothing left for me. So I called him up to tell him ITS REALLY OVER...We havent seen each other then.. So I started anew with someone else and
this time I really feel so love and so secured, and so we agreed if we are still together after three years we will get married and so we did..I have been married for almost a year when our path met and I was so speechless because I couldnt figure out what I was feeling for him but I remained calm and composed. We had a llittle talk and he was surprised when I told him I am married. I thought that would be the last conversation but I couldnt help myself from not calling him and so I did.So we called each other from time to time . I thought we can manage to be friends
until one night we went out and He started telling me how lost he was when we broke up and he couldnt find a girl to replace me and he is willing to take a chance on me...I could not say a thing because part of me still longing for him and part of me belongs to the man I married...So I decided not to see him anymore because I truy know this is the right thing to do.....


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