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I thought I had met my true love. He was amazing, talented, funny. I could have sworn we were the best couple ever to exist. Then I met Him. He was rebellious, flirtatious, and simply captivating. I fell in love with him too. I had no idea what to do. Stay with my boy, or check out what it was like to live on the wild side. My best friend told me he would stand by me no matter what. Which was amazing, because every one of my other friends hated me. They thought of me as the bad guy. Which in a way is true. But even still, it was wonderful to have my best friend beside me.

So it came the time to make a choice. My best friend told me that I should do whatever my heart told me, not what my head told me. So, I did. My boy and I separated, deciding mutually it was for the best. And now, four months later, I'm happily with my rebel, feeling amazing the majority of the time.

I'm still not entirely sure that what I did was right. Half of me misses my amazing man, but half of me is utterly in love with my rebel boy. My amazing man treated me perfectly, we never had a single fight. My rebel boy and I... we still haven't straightened out our issues yet...

One day it will work out fine though, you just have to believe in your heart and your life will soon believe it too. And like Fairies, as long as you believe, it will survive. Haha! A cliche ending to a not so cliche tale...


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