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I need him back

back up 2 years ago, for six months, we were so in love
basically best friends and always there for each other, there was never a day when we didnt talk to each other and none of us ever got sick of it, when we met it was even better, we couldn't even speak because the feeling was so strong, one could basically hear our hearts beating as we sat side by side in silence.. but then summer rolled around, and people got involved, they lied, brainwashed us, made us go against each other, and our love story came to a tragic end.. there was so much pain, so many lies, so much hate.. that it just couldn't survive, we tried many times to save it but we just couldn't and now because of all the hurt he's become a stranger to me, shut me out and hates my guts.. he blames me for everything that happened when everyone knows it wasn't my fault, i'm blocked off everything and if he heard my voice he would hang up, if he saw my face he'd walk away.. but yet i still love him.. and i want him back so bad


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