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How could she be so Insensitive

So I was going out with this 15 year old girl. I am 18. I asked her out on prom night, beginning of June, because I liked her. We were doing great for the next two months. I had on occasion, thoughts about leaving her because she at times seemed too immature and her family was kinda unstable. I stayed with her though because usually she made me feel good. At that second month, I realized that I had fallen in love with her and I wanted to tell her. I told her at the beginning of our third month together, and she told me she loved me too. The next two months were like magic, so beautiful. We were both in love, we did so many things together. We would often argue about who loves who more, which was always fun.
I was going to college in september and she was going to be a junior in HS. I was only going to be about 50min away from her. We agreed that I would see her every other week. At college, we would text each other everyday, but I wanted to make sure our texting wouldn't get in the way of her school work. I always supported her school work and activities. In mid september, her friend texts me and tells me about her surprise 16 birthday party. So I go and we were like in love all over again. It was so great seeing her again after three weeks. She would never let go of me. That same weekend of her birthday, we became even more intimate. I saw her the very next weekend and we were still so in love, so intimate with each other, it was the best feeling being with the one you truly love. Nothing could replace our moment together.

Two days after, I'm back at college, and she texts me that she has something to tell me and something to give me. She keeps texting me throughout the week telling me that its both good news and bad news and that she is so worried, she can't sleep and it's tearing her apart. She is apparently feeling that she is the worst girlfriend in the world. She respects me too much to tell me what is she has to tell me over the phone. I get very agitated and worried as well. I have a few ideas about what it is she wants to tell me.

So I see her over the weekend. We embrace each other, and she asks why I look so sad, worried and scared. I ask her what it is she has to tell me, but she responds she doesn't know. So for the following half hour, I squeeze the answer out of her. She tells me she doesn't want to do this anymore. So she guesses she is breaking up with me. I try to convince her if we could take the relationship more steady and not as intimate. She says no and that there is no chance of us getting together again. I feel torn, broken, weak. She returns the things I had given her as gifts. She asks if I hated her, and I begin to cry saying How could I ever hate you, what did I do wrong? She says I am perfect and its just her. The good news, according to her was that she still loves me, but not like before. I will never understand why she broke up with me. Back at home, I read a journal we shared together. It said that she feels she needs some thinking time to realize who she is and that she can't see her future without having me in it. So that's her reason. She texts me the same night, Im so sorry. I don't respond. Half way through the week, she texts me a little joke we use to share, asking me how was I. I don't respond.

At the end of the week, I see on FB that she is in a relationship with her best friend and my friend. It destroys me. I texted her how could she do this to me. It's only been a week and she already has a new boyfriend, completely forgetting the fact that I am hurt and distraught. She says that the new boyfriend wasn't the reason why we broke up. She apparently still loves me, always has and always will. But why is she dating this kid then, who is her same age, and a boy scout, who kills animals and is known as a pervert in HS. She says she doesn't know why, that the day she broke up with me, she broke all her mirrors in her house because she didn't like what she saw. I just wanted to talk to her, make her realize the truly special person she really is. But she says perhaps later. The next day, I try to be friend with her, texting her whats she up to today. We text for a while. She texts me the same joke that she sent me a few days ago, but I sort of brush it off and end the conversation. The following day, we text again, but it did not go well, as all it did was remind me of the great things we use to do that summer. I ended the conversation, it was too painful. Around the end of the following week, she texts me, but I didn't respond. I didn't know what to say anymore. It's like I never knew her. She threw me away like garbage and completely recovered within a week with her best friend.
So after going out for about five months, she just throws me away and I'm left to pick up the pieces. All of my friends have been really supportive over my sorrow, as they saw how wonderful we were together, all agreeing that it doesn't make sense why she would dump me like that. They all say that she doesn't deserve me, the new kid is a downgrade from you, and that I deserve someone better, etc. I have read many articles about break ups and how to cope with them. I realize it will get better and that I will find someone else who will be so much better. But for now, being four week since we broke up, it has been so painful, every day. Knowing that no one will ever love her the same way I did, but that it can never be that way again. I will never know why she did that to me. How could a love that seem so right go wrong. The things we did that summer, I'll remember all winter long. I just will never understand how could she be so insensitive.


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