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Heartbroken Too Many Times

It started in ninth grade. I liked him, he liked me, and soon we were going out. It went well for about ten months. Until he broke up with me. I seriously thought we would be together longer than that. I was devastated, and i'm not just exaggerating. I kept wonderin what I did wrong. How could he suddenly not love me? I couldn't let go. Me and him started talking again and it felt like good old times. He always told me he missed me and that he loved me still. Then I find out he has a girlfriend only two weeks after he broke up with me. Then my heart breaks again because I thought that we could get back together and fix everything. Wouldn't you think so too? It took me four months to completely get over him. When I did, I moved on to a guy who was only a year younger. My ex and I still talk, or at least we used to until he decided to tell me that when we were dating he broke up with me. I decided I have to drop my ex like an addiction...erase his number, ignore his texts, and ignore him altogether. One can only hope this works......


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