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E-mail Horror

O.k I loved the guy for 2 years, he started getting feelings on my second year of crushing. He asked me out the week after the beggining of school, I said yes of course and we had various ammounts of dates on our first week of dating. But it was in the middle of our second week of dating that I realized something was missng WE HAD'NT KISSED YET! I frowned and turned around in the hallway of the middle school and saw him, I ran towards him and asked him to stop, he stopped i smiled and leaned closer "WOAH! STOP!" he actually yelled at me, i looked at him and frowned "what? whats wrong?" i asked still frowning "were you going to kiss me? 'cause if you were don't read the message that says "Haii Lil" and kiss away!" he looked over and literally smiled at his friends, he leaned in and smiled i looked at him, frowned, and ran outside to get picked up. The first thing i did when i got home was run to my computor and log onto MSN i opened up the e-mail he had sent to me and frowned it said "haii Lil
i used to love you, i used to dream about you, i used to smile when i heard your name, i used to melt at the smell of your hair, now the only thing i do when any of these happen is cringe you might have beautiful eyes shinny hair and big bubes but your nothing like your bestfriend kelsea she only likes to do one thing MAKEOUT! and we do it all day you know you would've had all this body but you didn't kiss me, so there!

p.s don't ty to get me back, (it won't work)"

now don't worry i slapped him pretty hard for that. And it would've been my first kiss in the hallway of my school but i'm glad i didnt waste it on that creep, and i still havent had my first kiss but i've been with a guy for 1 year now and couldnt be happier!


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