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what happend to the real you?

this is a long story i will make short , me n my girl were so in love, we were best friends and nothing cud rip us apart, or so i thought we met wen we were young n we loved eachother so much that we had a child together anyways, every day we would see eachother, hug eachother at the back door as we would say good bye, n i would kiss her pregnant belly, sure sumdays we would get ino fights but lets just say that the next almost 5 years were pretty good. she started hanging out with her old friend again,n with me less, i always would watch our daughter wen she went out,n wen they all went out n i askd why didnt uask me? or can i come she would hesitate n give me sum excuse. we went on a vacation to las vegas n it was awsome, slept in the same bed,had sex every nite, i even said,'never leave me n she said never , the next week 2days after our daughters bday she dumped me, becuz she needed space n time to find herself, said i was controllind and wants to be single, but she plays mind games n calls me n what not, iguess wat im saying is that this was true love until her controlling friend came along n now their always together n my life is ruined cuz all i do is werk n i only get to see my baby once aweek, so all i can say is if u can look sum 1 in the eyes everyday for 5 years n tell them they are the one n then u just leave them,wat does that make you? i am afraid that if i talk to her she will hert me, im afraid that if we get back together that she will leave me again,ijust want my old girl back the way that she used to be


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