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So i had this bf who i really liked and i thought he really liked me to, even though he never told me he did and never said he thought i was attractive. it made me wonder if he really liked me so after he broke up with me and then we got back together a few days ago i started to get the feeling he liked somone else. i didnt want to break his trust but after not talking to me at all for a whole day i figured just looking through his phone without him knowing wasnt that bad, so i did and i saw some girl had been texting him and calling him baby. i got really upset and asked about it and he said it was just his ex that lives like 7 hours away who he still likes, he said they were just friends which obviously wasnt true but i let it go. untill that night he went off to a rave with his friends and accendently left his phone. i looked through it completly and saw that they talked everday and had been the whole time we were going out (like 3 months). then she called him 3 times that night and texted him calling him baby again. this made me reallyyy upset, so i looked at stuff on his facbook wall from awhile ago and they would say they loved eachother and they were gonna be together forever, but it was long distance and they never got to see eachother. what i discovered today (after telling him im done cuse he obviously doesnt care about me at all and loves her to much) was that theve never actully MET like in person and they met eachother on facbook. wtffff he loves her even though hes never even really met her and he rather be with her then me, somone who live 5 minutes from his house that he can spend everyday with. its funny because i just dont know whos really that stupid, i did everything i could to be a prefect girlfriend and let him treat me like shit and he choses somone hes never even met that he probly never will over me. i just try to see the humor in it because if i dont it makes me really sad :(


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