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We met 5years ago on Myspace. You had someone and so did I. You asked me for advice on how to treat your lady and you developed feelings for me. You broke up with her and I broke up with him because of cheating. You asked me several times if I would be your girlfriend but I declined every time. Until one night we finally met face to face and in your eyes I saw the future. We got together that friday night. You swept me off my feet and made me feel so special. I had never been treated that way before and you were my first love,first serious relationship. You put a promise ring on my ring finger when we first moved in together on Valentines. Few months after that you broke up with me and I pawned it. I was so young,but as the years went on,I stood by your side, whether it was advice you needed,money,a shoulder to cry on or someone to confide in. I was always there when no one else was, I took care of you for two whole years cause you had no one, not even your parents would help you or support you. You laid in my bed, looked me in my eyes and told me nothing but lies but I didn't care, because I loved you and I made a promise that I would always be there no matter what the circumstance. Every time a girlfriend did you wrong you came running back to me, every time you got cheated on you came running back to me and I tried my hardest to get you back but every time I brought us up, you never knew what you wanted. So I stopped trying and started dating and focusing on me. I found myself, lost 80lbs and was feeling so great and ready for the world. But then December 31,2009 you came to my parents house where I was staying and asked for me back when the clock struck 12. I said yes and I thought you had changed your ways, but I was completely wrong. Ever since then, for 9 months, I treated you like a king, I made your lunches and candlelit dinners, candlelit bubblebaths,etc. Romantic stuff, I tried all I could to keep us together but you constantly neglected me and wondered why I always lashed out the way I did! You left me at home many many nights in tears,hugging my teddy bear looking for comfort, wondering what was going on with you. Putting up with your lies and then you propose to me, knowing you wasn't sure. I was a good woman to you for 5 whole years and every time I was you did nothing but slap and punch me in the stomach by lying,hiding and keeping your real feelings away from me. Something was always wrong and couldn't stay good between us. But last week, you repeated those words to me, I don't know what I want, I'm confused. Those words cut like a knife, but I knew what they meant, it was either someone else you weren't sure about leaving me for, or you really didn't know what you wanted or wanting to marry me anymore. So I said ya know what its over I can't deal with this no more! I was stupid to stay and put up with your lies and hiding. But I did it for all these years because I loved you so much! And believed in us that we could make it no matter what but not you. 5 years for nothing. But one thing I can say is, I'm happy now. I'm finding myself again, I'm doing things I always wanted. I have so much more support from great friends and family. I kept telling myself I'm going to wait and see what happens and this is what happened. I accepted your proposal because I loved you and I left because you fell out of love. I'm happy and I'm moving on with myself. I'm reaching my goals, and I'm still standing, I'm still happy. So if you thought you broke me, you were wrong, cause you just made me stronger than ever before and I'm so happy that I no longer have to deal with your lies, betraying my trust or neglecting me and my needs. It was too stressful and I don't need that, I wanna be happy and I'm going to be with or without you=)


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