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long distance cheater

i met my ex boyfreind on myspace. i know, laugh it up its not the BEST way to find a boyfreind, but for 5 months last year, i would have told you diffrent. Anyways, it all started when he commented my pictures, and i thought he was th cutest thing ever created. then we talked, swaped numbers and after a few days of our cyber flirtations, we became into what i thought at the time "in love". i was crazy about him, all we did was talk on the phone and txt and he knew exactly what to say, to make me feel like he was right next to me. the one problem we had, he lived 1896 miles away. he would always make me feel guilty and started to become somewhat vebaly abusive when it came to the topic of sex. he was mad becuase we were gonna wait a year then i was gunna move down there and we would get married ect. but, that all came crashing down when his bestfreind, started txting me flirting with me telling me my boyfreind wasnt worth it becuase he was sleeeping with his ex. i was hurt devestated and every other word for "hurt" in the book. i confronted him ab out it and yett AGIAN verball abuse and constant yelling at me everythings my fault( you know how it goes). soon after that we broke up and now , we barley talk. i was so in love and now im deppressed.


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