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Long Distance Woes

well weve know each other just over 3 years now. we met while i was on a holiday, and he happens to live down there. this place is about 5 hours away from where i live so already you can see its gonna be difficult.

anyway the first year it was very obvious we liked each other, we met in a surf shop and he helped me carry my board to the water :) we flirted but were both too shy to do anything. we kept in touch via email, calls and texts and eventually he confessed how much he liked me and i felt the same. we were inseparable for months, i didnt go a day without speaking to him and we texted 24/7 we wasnt going out as we both decided that would be too difficult. but neither of us saw anyone else.

anyway i go back down a year later and we pretty much got together. i was OBSESSED with him. i came back home and cried the entire way - and let me tell you i NEVER cry over guys. he was just special.

about a month later the trouble started. he stopped returning my texts because 'he couldnt be bothered'. he came down to my town with a friend and was really excited about seeing me, didnt shut up about it for months - then he got down here and decided against seeing me cos it was 'too hard' and anyway he was busy. we often went 3 or 4 months without speaking, the obsessively speak everyday for a few months. it was ridiculous.

i went down this year and my dad actually decided to move down there, so obviously id be up there more often. he was apparently sooo happy he was gonna see me then when i got down there for the first 2 days he didnt even bother coming to see me. then he did in his lunch break for like 10secs, was abit like WOW cos i was in a small bikini which i probably looked pretty good in, this i reckon then spurred on the next night where he came over and spent the entire time trying to kiss me - to which i refused cos i was still annoyed. the next night he invited me out and then left me drunk and alone where i had no idea where i was, so he could join in with a fight. my dad found me a few hours later asleep curled up against the wall at like 3am. he ddnt even bother coming back.

so i was preetttyy pissed at this point and yet still i couldnt stop thinking about him. its always like this, no matter what he does and how much i tell myself i hate him, i cant stop thinking about him. i probably havnt gone a day in the past 3 years where i havnt thought of him at least briefly.

so then he sends me billions of texts and i see him the next evening, call out his name and he looks straight at me, then looks away. he was with friends and obviously didnt want them to see me for some reason but that moment, that split second hurt more deeply than you can ever imagine.

anyway i went home a few days later and i heard no more from him, not even to say bye on my last day.

then suddenly 3 months later, justtt when i thought i was moving on, ive had non stop texts from him asking how i am and that he misses me yadda yadda. at first i ignored him then i replied telling him i was busy and i didnt want to talk to him and hes stopped. in about 3 weeks though im going back up there and its a pretty small town so we will most definitely bump into each other. and everyone knows everybody so he'll probably be told the minute i arrive.

should i tell him im coming? show up unexpectedly? i still really really really care about him and i miss hearing his voice. i couldnt bear going down there and just ignoring him or pretending hes not there. but is that the best thing to do before he hurts me all over again. or is it already too late for that.

Arg. guys are morons. i dont even know why i like him, hes not good looking, he cant spell (that really frustrates me) hes into the complete opposite of everything im into we have nothing in common. so why cant i get him out of my head!!

word of advice. dont even begin to like someone if they live far away. its too painful.


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