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It was good but at times it wasn't

i was going out with this guy for 2 years.. and it was good, but at times it wasnt.. but whatever we got threw it... he started to smoke alot of weed, and just didnt care about anything except for his friends.. i saw him once a week sometimes less.. i decided to break up with him.. i returned all his stuff... i didnt want it in my room.. 2 weeks later he called me.. telling me that he couldnt see himself with anyone else.. and that i was the one for him.. and i just need to give him some time to change.. and that in the mean time we would be "together"... i said i would think about.. i did.. and i went for it...

we were together for about 3 months... he wasnt really changing.. he was doing worse drugs.. like coke, and E, and Steroids.. i decided to end things with him.. i told him that we shouldnt talk.. untill he readyy, and serious to chnage.. he told that he loved me, and i told him to not do any more stupid things, b/c i care about him... about 8 days later i find out that he hooked up with his best friend, they had sex, and are "talking"... and hes going around telling everyone that he broke up with me, b/c he was in love with his best friend... I DONT THINK IT CAN GET ANY MORE MESSED UP THAN THIS..


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