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Me or Mary Jane?

I remember the first day we met, it was a hot summer afternoon and I was just barely eleven. He had moved in to the house next door to mine and was only a year older than me. soon we became great friends. At the end of that year he moved away, and I didn't see him again for five years.

One day I was walking though my high school, all thoughts of him erased, when I saw someone that looked all too familiar. He must have recognized me as well because with a huge smile he came up to me and said hi, identifying himself as my long lost childhood friend. Quickly we became close again, and i'll admit soon i fell in love. it seems he did too because we started dating. It was never easy for us, there was always some drama to be dealt with but well, it was high school so it was expected.

For three years i lived in what seemed to be a fairytale. I loved that boy with all my heart, our only misundertanding came when i would go out to a party or something like that. His father was an alcoholic, and he hated the fact that i drank.

Somewhere close to out three year anniversary i began to see a change in him, he began to act shady, hiding his phone from me while he texted and making excuses to cancel dates. Then i started hearing all over the school of parties he was throwing at his house which i knew nothing about. when confronted by this, he denied it all and me being crazy and stupid in love believed him.

One day, i decided to see for myself and i showed up unexpectedly to his house. not only was there a party, but he was drunk and high off his ass. i learned he had become addicted to weed. i tried to help him, begged him to quit. he got tired of it and broke up with me after i had stuck with him through everything. I though he was the one. guess i was wrong. he kept me there playing with my emotions, kissing and holding me as if we were together for about three months, telling me he loved me still, calling me babe, then all of a sudden nothing. I learned he was with a new girl. To this day, nothing. I still miss him sometimes, but i realize now that he's not the same person i fell in love with anymore. He'll always be special to me, but i can never go back.


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