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I'm Pregnant - He Ran Away

Well me and my ex had been together a year almost exactly. We had a long distance relationship as he lived about a province away from me. We were madly in love, I mean head over heels movie kind of love.We talked on the phone every night for no less than 4 hours, we called each other about 10 times a day lol, and we visited for a week at a time every couple of months.

He was my best friend, and absolutely amazing with my daughter from a previous engagement. We had the perfect relationship. we only had tiny fights that most people in love have, we couldn't get through a day without the other, and we could have fun sitting on the phone listening to the other breathe. It really just seemed like we completed each other, we were the others half, we finished each others sentences.

Just after our last visit he asked me and my daughter to move to his town to be closer to him, so we could see each other every day..I was so happy I started packing that very day.

When he got back from our last visit he started to get very depressed, he had a hard time with his job and with the distance, he would tell me all the time he really needed me to give him a hug.

then things got a bit more difficult when we started to think even though we were pretty careful that there was a good chance I might be pregnant. For awhile we ignored some key signs and hoped it was nothing but it got to a point where we had no choice but to find out. We had a long conversation about what would happen if it turned out I was, and we seemed to have a great plan in place...both of us were nervous but a bit excited at the same time.

Well I took a test and it came out negative for one reason or another, then I followed it with a second test from the box first thing in the morning.
That one was positive immediately and so I was getting prepared to tell my boyfriend the news.

He phoned me from work and asked, not wanting him to panic at work I lied and said it was negative but that I wanted to talk when he got home. He was going to be done work in a couple of hours so I thought it would be best to wait till he was finished, unfortunately when he got home he told me the worrying that I was pregnant really upset him and that life was too short to be unhappy and then he hung up on me disconnected his phone and took down his facebook.

I went down to the hospital the next day to get a doctor to confirm I was pregnant and then with no other way to reach my boyfriend I phoned him at work and told him the news..." I am pregnant and you need to know".

He left work and phoned to tell me he was sorry and just scared of what was going on, and having trouble with the distance especially while we were going through this.. it was understandable and I moved passed what had happened.
He told me he loved me from the min. we started talking and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and my daughter pregnant or not. we agreed we'd get together and figure everything out, start fresh and we had a great talk that night and the next night.

Unfortunately the day following that was the last day I heard from him, he told me he was going to phone to say goodnight and never did.

His mom who is a nurse, phoned the next day to tell me "my story" doesn't make sense, she couldn't understand why I had a negative test... she continued with "I've seen girls do this before" and my sons not ready for any of this. She asked me for my blood test results but when I got home with them and went to call her about them they're house number had been changed, his cell was disconnected, his facebook was down again, his work even told me and all my friends that he quit.

I don't know what to do at this point, I don't get through a day without thinking about him. I don't even get through a thought that doesn't somehow revert back to him. I cry every single day and I have no idea what happened.
He wasn't the type or so I thought to leave his pregnant girlfriend, so I keep wondering does he not believe me, does he think i cheated, does he think I got pregnant on purpose?

Its none of those things, I love him with everything in me.

I wouldn't do anything to hurt him even if someone had a gun to my head and told me too.

I'm very confused and scared and every time me or any of my friends try to get ahold of him we all just end up looking worse or pushing him further.

I recently went down to his house, that took a plane a bus and a cab. I hoped at least we could talk, I brought a doctors note, and I figured if anything we could go down to his own doctor or his mom the nurse and get them to confirm everything for him. My doctor says the dates match up exactly to when he was visiting so surely his doctor could do the same.

I know he's scared, but we're 26 and we were with the person we planned to be with for the rest of our lives so I think we could handle this! I rang his doorbell and he came down the stairs, took one look at my figure from behind his big frosted glass doors and kept walking.

I haven't heard from him now in 8 weeks, not one word! I just keep praying to god that he'll bring us back together, he'll bring him to phone. I have faith and I can't give up on someone I love so damned much!


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