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She Felt Long Distance Couldn't Work

i thought she was the one, we knew each other for a long time. and we decide to get together.. although she had to head back to another city and so we kissed twice in the taxi. so we decided to do a long distance relationship. one thing i know for sure is that i would do possibly anything for it to work even though we were in a different city. so i did tried my best like i said every thing i possibly could do being apart from her to make this relationship work.

we used to text each other, just by texting each other it felt so good everytime i receive her message, and we had good times, we never argued. she told me she likes me pretty much, but didnt love me yet. so i trusted her.

days later she start to reply my text message really slow or not at all, so i wondered what happened. another day later, i asked her in msn what happen she said nothing left me wondering. so i called her and she wanted to break up. although i loved her and liked her so much. i do really love her just i didnt want to tell her so, instead i keep on saying i like you to her, because i feared that she would think im faking. so she didnt say much, all she could say was sorry, she just going do this long distance thing anymore. i respected her decision due to how much i really love her, and hope her good lucks.

the 2 days into school, i hide in the toilet and close the door and cried out all my heart. she asked me to be her friend, i thought about it for a few days, due to how much i really liked her, i thought to myself i rather not lose her at all.. so i kept her as my friend. when my heart is breaking everyday to how much i really loved her. she will always be in my heart. & i hope we both could be together for sometime later on in our life, if god let us be and if we collided together with destiny's wills. love my booboo


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