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Hai there, well my story starts out like this. iv been in love wit one of my friends for a very long time. I never tried anything because one of my friend also liked him too. And i started ignoring him, and give it all up. a month later i met my ex. We were friends, we would hang out almost hr of everyday together. I slowly started falling in love with him.. but he had a gf. so those feeling were wrong.

After been like a month of being friends... i heard a rumors that they were breaking up. and i was a little happy.. He told me about the breakup and how it was a good thing and then he tells me he likes his child hood friend.. i was so sad. i told him go ask her out. and then 2 days later he tells me no it would be weird if she said no.. bleh at that time i was feeling going out with this guy who kinda treated me right but i didnt like how his bro would call me a hoe every time i was with a friend.

after while he starts flirting with me and tells me all of this cute things which i wanted to hear. at that time idk if he really meant. i broke up with my bf for him idk if it was worth it. i love him and its been 5 best month and i never felt that with any other man. He would take me out buy me things.

then my best friend comes into my life again. Every time i was with him i was in love, we were talking one night texting l8 at night how it used to be, and then he tells me he like me for a really long time, and i got so confused. i thought it wasnt fair so i breakup with my bf... and he tries soo hard to get me make, we still talk and i still havent told him i was in love with my best friend which hes friend with too. im just soo confused idk what to do any more. im not even with anyone right now because of it. i feel like not even going both of them. I NEED HELP :(


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