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First Love and a Bad Ending

HE was everything I had ever looked for in a guy. blue eyes, shaggy sandy-blonde hair, that sort of style that's almost emo-scene, but not really.., we had the same interests, same taste in music, we each had our share of blonde moments..., HE was a skater and was learning drums, I was a skater and learning bass... we seemed perfect. 

I guess maybe I should back up a little, eh?

my moms boyfriend lived right next door to HIS best friend, so we saw alot of each other... everytime my mom would go visit her boyfriend, she'd take me with her, and I would hang out with the neighboor and HIM... we got to know each other really quickly. we were the best of friends. all three of us.

so, naturally, when my mom and her boyfriend got married, and we moved there, HE was the one who showed me around. when school started, the same thing.  HE would sit with me at lunch, and walk me to my classes. being a small school in which most of the guys were super ugly, or still not mature in their heads, HE was very popular.  and I was the 'new girl'

people didn't understand how we could be dating after I had just moved there...

but we continued to be together, and HE and my neighboor would come over to my house every wednesday and friday after school, (I worked on mondays and thursdays) and fridays and sundays I would go to HIS house...
we made many memories, wrote songs, skateboarded, walked through my woods... I gave this boy practically everything I had. (my first kiss, etc..)

after HE went on a trip to alabama, HE started acting weird. i couldn't figure it out, but HE was acting odd. then, HE broke up with me. no explanation, just, 'i pomise we'll still be friends. the best of friends. not that much is going to change between us, I still love you, as I always will.'


HIS 'promises' lasted a whole 2 weeks. after that.. did I hear from HIM? nope. talk to HIM? nope. did HE talk to me? nope.

a little later I found out that HE dumped me for HIS ex. she had just broken up with her boyfriend of almost 2 years, and HE saw a window of opportunity.. so HE went for her. after she denied HIM, HE still ignored me. it was as if we had never been together!

I've lost most all communication with my neighbor, because he's always with HIM, and HE and I don't talk anymore. and it hurts, because my neighbor was my friend too...

it's been almost a year, and HE had some other girl now. she's 13.

what's that tell you about how much HE'S changed? 


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