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Three Times Leads to Success?

i dated this guy when i was 16.. at first i didnt like him as much but the more i got to know him the more i was fallin in love with him.. i was surprise how i fell in love with u guy so quick.. it was a real teenage love..

i can still remember the very first time we kissed, i felt the most butterflies in my stomach. We had a lot of things in common such as bowling.. we were both good.. we were perfect for each other..

after 3 months they were rumors that i was cheating on him, he broke up with me and i never saw him since then.. i dated a new guy to forget about him.. but it didnt worked.. i was always thinking about him..

after 2 yrs i found out that my ex was always been single.. and at that time i was already single.. i met my ex again and we both fell in love again like when we were in high school.. i cant believe that all this time for the past 2 yrs he never had a gf after me..

every time we kissed i could always feel the butterflies in my whole entire body! the spark that i felt towards him never disappeared!! i was madly in love with him.. i loved him even more than i did before.. i can actually define what love is every time im with him..

after a year, we decided to live in together.. then everything change since that.. his feelings towards me was changing.. i could feel that he started to get annoyed of me.. i could tell that his not ready for this type of commitment.. i was hurt because i didnt know what i can do to make our relationship work.. i dont want to move out away from him,, then soon i just decided to end the relationship.. i cried and cried and cried Zillions of times.. i lost him again.. i cant belive that i let go my soulmate..

Then i dated a new guy again to forget about him.. this time it was harder than the last time.. i dreamed about my ex every single night.. everywhere i go its him that i see.. everything i do it always reminds me of him.. i was devastated..

after 2 yrs i knew my relationship with my current bf is not going to work anymore since im still madly in love with my ex.. so i ended with him..

now im single again.. and my ex teenager is still single again as always.. he never ever had a serious gf after me.. after 2 yrs and another 2 yrs of pain i still want him.. i still want my bf way back when i was 16.. im friends with him now but i know i want more than that..

i dont know what to do.. ive learned that no matter how hard i tried to forget about him its always him in my heart.. should we give this another chance? a third chance? i dont want anybody else!! he's the only man i want to marry and nobody else.. but im hurt and tired.. all i know for sure is that i want to grow old with him.. have babies with him.. and die next to him.. but now im not sure how he feels towards me.. im just hoping that someday we'll be together again.. forever and this time it will be different..


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