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My Hero with heroin

I met now who I call the love of my life almost a year ago. He was a friend of a mutal friend, who thought we'd be perfect. My hero just got out of basic training three days before he met me. I was told about ( warned about) his old habits. He did heroin before he enlisted. But when he came home everyone said he was sober.

We started talking and he asked to be my homecoming date and I said sure. I was so liking him. He stood me up... I didn't see or hear from him for a month. Til his car accident. Our mutual friend called me and told me the news. (not sure why and shocked) I asked to go with to see him in the hospital the next day. We showed up and he was laying there with a smile on his face. It hurt me so much to hear him say "I was drunk and high (heroin) when I flipped my car". I cared so much about him by then I couldn't stand to see this. So I left the hospital and ignored all his calls and emails and everything.

I got a boyfriend. We were together a month, then my hero came around. Since I still had a huge thing for him, I broke up with my boyfriend. He still was using, a lot. But that didn't phase me any. (stupid girl)

It was two days before Christmas and we've been talking a lot since I broke up with my boyfriend. He asked me to go to his family's christmas diner. I was soooo ecstatic, of course I said yes. But then I remembered I have a family & can't let them down, so i cancelled. He seemed upset it made me sad. But later that night when all of our families went home, he came over. That was the first night he spent in my bed. No sex, just cuddling & kissing. It was so nice & he is so sweet, I forgot all about the drugs. But he still didn't want to date me. He said "I need to clean up first, get my life together. Get good enough for you".

So I gave him his time, when he was ready he'd come to me. Finally two weeks later he said he liked me and wanted to be more than friends, said he still wasn't good enough but wanted me to wait for him. I agreed. So I waited all of January, February, and most of March for him. He finally was cleaned up & starting his good new life.

We got together, we met family & friends. Did all kinds of things, spent lots of time together. We were the 'it' couple. Everybody wanted what we had. I was a little after 3 months he had to go away for military reason, but only two weeks. Everything was cool, I missed him and vise versa. We were so in love. Happy.

Then when he came back he didn't want to see me that day. So I figured he was tired so I let it go. Then it was the next day & the next day. I finally made a comment about it, and he got mad. I was sooo sad, angry , & confused, I threatened to break it off. He begged no, not to. So we talked (over the phone, still hadn't seen him in three weeks) and we fixed things...so I thought...

A few hours later (early morning) he sends a text saying "I just can't do this anymore" He still talks to me, tells me he misses me, keeps all his relationship stuff the same on facebook & myspace, asks for my advice, signs I take as wanting to get back together.. We were going to work on it.

He got arrested..He was caught with drugs...heroin.I found out by the mutual friend that introduced us, called me about the accident, and is both of our bestfriends.

I was broken, I cried. Right now its only been 5 days, I cried today. He is going to jail for a long time, but I'm in love with him...We were just about to get back together...Now what...fml.


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