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butterflies you just cant get

me an my ex met in a nightclub eyes met an we were in an empty room, kissed and floated! after that we were together for two years, it was an extremely up an down relationship bad arguments amazing making up!

we split up because after a row i went too far and said things i didnt mean. when we rowed b4 i always walked he always ran after me, but not this time.

its been two years since we split and he still turns up when he feels like it i still get butterflies an just know his special to me but i dont tell him or ring him or txt him first coz im not like that. its done me no favors!

after a year he was still saying he hadnt met anyone, an he wanted to split up before we ended up hating each other.

i found out while at work hed had a girlfriend the whole time. i found out her name an everything an was going to tell her hed been cheatin on her the whole time but i jus told him what i thought of him an walked away.

after a few months he got in touch through facebook as id changed my number as well. now he says he was only with her for something to do an that his never got over the hurt or the butterflies. i do kind of believe what hes sayin because in a way i dont understand why hed waste his time after 2 years. but the truth never comes into his head, but it always comes out in the end!


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