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Another Guy Broke Us Up

My ex was my best friend for a few years, and he went with me everywhere, to the mall, movies & dinner. And i never liked him in that way until all my other guy friends said he had a thing for me since no guy would ever go to the mall and shop for hours if he didnt have feelings. i didnt really care kuz when you have a best friend thats a guy alot of ppl talk and say that you are an item but i never let that bother me.

So grade 9 started and he asked me out and i was like sure lets try it out. It went good until my best friends ex got involved. I never really hated him, i had a crush on him a while back and he was really nice to me, we talked on the phone for hours every night but it wasnt anything serious.

So a month into my relationship with my ex, he sends me an email out of blue saying that it is better for us to be friends. Im like confused so i call him and i read the email like 5 hours after he sent it right. So when im on the phone with him hes like saying sorry for the email and he takes it all back and i was like why would you even said it in the first place, and apparently the best friends ex told him to dump me.

I was so mad, like i talk to him every day and i consider him on of my close friends now and he did that. So i was mad at my ex for a while but i took him back.

Another month into the relationship i was shy about being with him around my girl friends. i didnt really like pda he took it in the wrong way and we had awkwardness for a week or so, so i decide to break it off with him. The next day he decide to go make out with the ugliest girl in our grade. and i was just embarrassed. But after that my best friends ex, explain to me why he did what he did, he thought that my ex wasnt good enough for me and after that he said that he really liked me, and hes just another story.


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