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2 faced much???

So here we go, this guy in my school had a girlfriend... But everyday they were the centre of attention for cussing each other off in the hallways infront of school and whereever.

I was new to the school so he started talking to me and telling me how he has problems with her it's not the same anymore. His personality was so nice and a very nice sense of humor which attracts me the most. And he was the first guy that i was attracted to which was on grade 12.

And so we started txting eachother and i had a feeling he likes me. One day i got really jealous when he left with his so called GF. Cuz i don't know why i wudn't stand up and just say "Hey ur're bullshitting. Anyone can get rid of a girl so call me wen u are done with her"

Shittt.. I was so nice to him, maybe my first time, so no experience.
we kissed after a month cuz school was done and he told me he doesn't see her anymore.

Then this guy started 2 try changing me. And he said how i am too shy and and i would always hear rumours how he's sleeping around. But ii was ready to change and everything.

We didn't even go out yet and i loved him. Eventho i never got treated like a princess.. Prettty stupid of me.

Then the real problem started when he started telling his friends that im desperate and i amup his ass, when in person he was being sweet and i got so confused.

So i thought to myself, first of all, im not desperate. Second i'm not changing for no one and i can't do so, he's gotta love me for being myself. I felt disrespected in front of his friends and my friends for some one that i doubt even cared for me. This was my first breakdown, i didn't cry cuz i cudn't have him, i cried cuz i took so much shit and embarrassment.

Truth is girls u gotta play the game and be in power i seen it work many times.
That's the only way to get anyone to beg to be part of ur life, because i have grown out of that , and took the pain and cried for many days.

I would stay home alone and cry randomly watching the TV, i would just think and run to the washroom and cry so hard, i would cry everynight before goin to bed, my pillow would be soaked. I didn't enjoy anything, so moody and distanced away from my my family for that period of the time. Which was almost 2 years-very long indeed!

First of all i started ignoring him, second started working long hours, third started reading a book. Fourth started to go workout and take care of myself.
Because why should i be the one suffering when he's out there partying,
I need that self respect back, stopped talking to his friends, left the job where i saw him almost every daY. Moved.

U know what i think we all need that one hit to get better in life.
I'm a full on changed lady, with sense of humour which i definitely lacked back in the days. And this happened over the healing time without any pressure.
Even if he dies 2 get me i won't get with him. And i promise myself this is the last time i wanna talk abt him.

I have had a way better man in my life!

So the decision is urs, u can lock ur painful story in this website and starting this moment change your life, or keep crying abt it.

Because there's no point, no one can change the past. It only gives u that much more pain. And no one can help you as much as u help yourself.

Why are u on this website? Because no one listens to your feelings over and over again, well it's not worth listening to.

We all deserve the best. Karma will do it's job, just have faith. And Live your life, your way, and then watch the guys line up for u.

Guys should never be our issue. We should never let them complete us, because even guyzs like strong independent ladies, so once u take care of yourself, there's enuff of them out there, that are dying for u.

With Love.........


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