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Hot n' Cold

So my ex was my first love, the guy i thought i wanted to b with for the rest of my life...Hell i still want that. We were AMAZING together, Everything with us was great. Sure we had our ups and downs but most of the time we were extremely well.

Then one day randomly he breaks up with me. And gets close to another gurl the very next day. Now keep in mind this guy told me he couldnt live with out me, I was his kryptonite, his heart beat, his lifeline, without me he didnt know what he'd do. Then he just randomly left me. No joke there was NO absolutley NO warning. Then he starts dating another girl and so i try to move on to though it was hard cuz i spent everynight for 2 months crying day and night and trying to drink the pain away and then 2 months after the break up, while hes still with this girl, he has this like talk with me and opens up to me and tells me hes still in love with me and he was so stupid for leaving me and she doesnt compare to me, no girl does. And he wants me back and ect.

So of course im totally happy about it and im all for it and he told me we have to wait a little longer though. I dont want to hurt her, And like a fool i belived him and anyways he goes through these phases where he like will b all into me (hot) and then randomly stop talking to me and like acting like he doesnt know me (cold)

Anyways they broke up a couple weeks after our talk right? Well... heres the time.. were gonna be together again finally...right? WRONG! He ends up dating someone else! Come on! So im like pissed and decide to really move on a a month passes and im getting close to a couple of my other ex's and really starting to move on (or at least pretend to) So he finds out and then has to talk to me again. So were in the car and he tells me how hes still so in love with me and the only reason he's with this other girl now is cuz he wanted to get it out of the way cuz hes had a crush on her for awhile so he wanted to make sure he really wanted to be with me and he said he still wanted to be with me and these other guys im talking to will never mean what he means to me. He even got on 1 knee and asked me to marry him. Then he tried to kiss me and i of course turned my head.

But man... hes confusing. So then were like talking a lot, everyday hes telling me how much he loves me and cant wait to be with me again and we ended up sleeping together... bad i kno... then a 5 days from that he walks me out to my car and were flirting and hes holding me and all that then 2 days later at our youth group he ends up not talking to me at all. And that 2 days between he didnt txt me back or anything. So now im stuck with my hot n' cold ex boyfriend who doesnt fully want to be with me but he doesnt want me to move on either.


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