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He Just Won't Leave Me Alone!

I'd been seeing this lad for nearly a year when he told me he just wanted to be single now (over text). i text him back saying okay, i can't make him stay with me can i. but when i text my mate telling her what had happened she sent back " didn't he dump you month's ago. He's been seeing______ (not naming the person)." i was broken. he'd told me he'd never hurt me and yet he does. anyway i text him telling him to tell me the truth so he text me back saying "yeah okay i dumped you for _____. your a crap girlfriend, you wont let me touch you or feel you. and kissing you *bleughh*" so anyway i cried for a bit but got over him.

3 days later his girlfriend emails me
her: Hey you all right with us two being together?
Me: yeah not bothered really just pissed that he lied to me
her: what about?
so i told her what happened and she dumped him within 2 min's. apparently he'd told her he'd dumped me!

anyway just after she dumped him i got a message. "Hey. will you go out with me again.i made a mistake i love you not her please i love you." i ignored the texts but they kept coming. by the end of the holiday i was getting 60 a day along with 3 or 4 missed calls.

so i went and got my number changed and just hoped he wouldn't find it. the next day my bestie was round and we were sitting in my room having a laugh when she says "Erm __ you might wanna look outside" i couldn't believe it! he was sat outside watching my every move!!!

he's still texting me now and its really annoying me now. he's had his sister come round to beg me to get back with him.


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