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Too Many Chances

My ex and I started dating at the beginning of our sophomore year of high school. We had known each other since 5th grade and had a really good connection. She had been dating this guy right before we started dating and had supposedly broken up with him.

Well a month later she admits that she just broke up with him and had been dating the two of us for a month. She begged me for forgiveness and I being a 16 year old gave her that.

Then a few months later her ex started dating this girl. This girl was a good friend of mine. My ex got jealous and started ignoring me. My ex and her ex cheated on me and my friend together.

I, yet again, forgave and forgot.

Then at the end of the school year I won a state history competition and had to leave for a week for Nationals. While in Nationals she cheated on me with one of my guy friends. Yet again I forgave her.

A month after our one year anniversary she broke up with me and said it was my fault. I realize now that it was, I should of left her the first time.

Today I was registering for my senior year of high school and she was a few people ahead of me in line. The whole time she ignored me and didn't notice her mom waving and smiling at me. To this day her mother thinks I'm a better person than her. To top it all off my last year of school is here and I stupidly signed up for almost the exact same schedule as her for classes.


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