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It's all bull since he is married to her now

i had just movied into the a new town with my cousin, I was 14 and i didnt know anybody here. then i met this guy that had done stuff with both of my friends and then he moved on to me. i thought that it was great moving to a new town and having someone there already. both my friends tryed there hardest not get mad at me. we dated for 5 months before i he started to come and see me every other 3 days,he was gone doing something or somebody else for 3 days and then come and see me one day. he wouldnt ever call me or nothing. it seem strange to me because he would come and stay with me all the time. he went home like 2 a week. then soon after he called asked to come talk to me. i told him that would be fine. he told me that he didnt want to be with me. i was shocked. then a couple weeks later it was the town celebration me and some of my friends seen him and this girl together and then it came clear to me that he was cheating on me for the 3 weeks before when he went camping with is family. I was so mad. Then over the summer when his girlfriend wasn’t around he would come to my house and want to “get back together with me” that was all bull considering that he is married to her now.


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