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he played me

wel i he was my bf for 1yr. nd he was a football player and i was always on d bleachers cux i was in the marching band:)....wel i got with him and then i met him in sadies and my friend asked him to dance but he keept looking at me from across the dance floor and he really didnt want to dance with her...then i asked him to dance not knowing it was him...nd we danced for an hour stright! no lie then he started kissing me<3 the kiss that makes it hard to breath
then i tould him that i had to go to the bathroom and wen o came bck he was grining with another girl i aint ganna lie i felt lyk if he just used me cux his ex was right infront of us and then i was lyk okayy
nd den he kised my forhead he is 5'11 i think nd im 5'5 nd it was so cuitee<3 then the next day he came to the bench were i was eating lunch..and he walked me to my class nd i huged hem and i was ganna open the door when he pushed it so i wouldent open it and he kissed me<3.

then the next day he asked me if i wanted to be with hem<3 i said yes and we got together but he was a big flirt
den i was tlkinng to his friend nd he was hugging me cux i was crying and i guess he thought sumthing else and he txted me and got jeloue and tpuld me he still loved me


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