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She Still Loves her Ex

Why is it that when you get into a relationship with a person and them break up you still have feelings towards that other? I think as human beings we dont want to believe that he/she wasnt meant for us. After we broke up i was trying not to think about her because to me i gave it a shot and she had no idea what she was doing. .Number one thing to make sure before you get into a relationship, make sure they are ready for that. She wasnt and i lost the person that i cared most about but thats how i felt until recently. Another thing good to know about is if he/she is mature as well going into that question again if there ready but im not sad anymore.. Im hurt but not sad and thats because any person who is willing to still talk to their ex now take in mind that she has other ex's as well but the one im talking about is a pig and a pervert.. I dont know why girls do that but they have a tendency to want to still talk to them and act as if everything is ok and still like or love them! Well she does and no matter how much i hate it thats life and its not my life so its not my concern. Never fall in love with a person who still loves there ex's.


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