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walk away

ok so i had been with my bf for 5 months and we get to the holidays and he ignores me for 4 weeks, i spent 4 weeks at first thinking something had happened to his family and then realised it was me, his friend swere telling me they think hes over it and so we go back to skool and hes all smiles!

he expects me to pretend nothing happened

so i ask him wats been happening and he says nothing i still like you just not as much as i used to. a week later of still being ignored i told him i wanted a break because we dont talk anymore unless we have a problem and neither of us know how were feeling hes gos to me its good when were together i just dont miss you when were apart. so pretty much you cant commit but you cant handle being alone

so he basically didnt have the balls to do it and made me breakup with him while i still love him and expects me to go back to being friends, but its just to painful to hang around him and see him happy and laughing when im so unhappy and all i want is him back all i can think about is hi and he doesnt even care it ment nothing to him its so hard to let him go when i still love him.


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