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Hi. just need to share this very bewildering (and somewhat disgusting) experience.

we're both in our 30's- long grown up and, presumably, adults. so we fell in love and dated for about 4 years. i thought he was the man i was going to marry and raise a family with. i loved him to distraction. he was honest, reliable, sincere, hardworking, and an exceptionally loving human being. the relationship, including the usual ups and downs, worked. i felt loved, cared for safe. he didnt try to change me in any way, and for the first time in my life i felt accepted for who i was. and, i accepted him too. flaws and all: (he burped too much, had a bit of flab, was really clumsy and had no sense of grammar or spelling!) oh, yes and the table manners could have done with some work.
this, my friends, was The Love Of My Life.

so, enter his parents. we're from different sects in the same religion. they were not happy. did not approve because "our ways are different." would not even hear of it. so, after 2 years of fighting with them as he tried to negotiate keeping the relationship alive despite the distance, he very abruptly said "i cant take this to the next level" via text message and has cut all contact with me since. he's 34. and cant disappoint his parents.

i have no idea what to feel. they treat him like crap, by the way: expecting him to always do what they say. and, he knows this. i didnt ask him to choose. he did that himself. now, i'm sitting with a really broken heart, feel completely stunned and shocked by the whole thing, and he walks away scott-free because hes done the right thing by leaving the person he (presumably)loves(ed) because his parents/community say so.

i know, he was probably not worth it in the first place. i see that now.
what grates me is that people can still be so bigoted and self righteous about their bigotry. how do parents who love their children inflict such pain? and, they hide behind the cloak of religion to justify it. last time i checked, God said "love thy neighbour."

i am really disgusted by the whole thing.


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