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1 girl wasnt enogh

I dated this guy for 5 months, we broke up he accused me of liking someone else, i made it very clear i didnt, he wanted to fix the relationship so i was like okay, that day my friend was telling him there was nothing going on with me and the other guy, the girl(his ex girlfriend) explained that i didnt have feelings for the other guy,

that night he was texting the girl saying he had feelings for her and he missed her, and she should come hangout, she said no and told me everything, well i confronted the guy he confessed, and said sorry

i wasnt sure about it bt we continued talking

2 days after this , about 11pm he quit texting me , i just thought he went to sleep, he went and got this girl and hung out with her, madeout, touched her, the girl texted me the next day trying to brag about what they did

couple days went buy without us talking, he texts me and saying you can keep my jacket, i said im throwing it away, he really wanted me to keep it, he wants to fix things, i asked him if he was still talking to the girl he said no, he had a soccer game near where she lived , i went to see if she was gonna be there! she was and he knew she was gonna be there, somebody came up to me saying he told her she better stay away from me and him he would text her later, bc i would kick her butt, she didnt get near him, he came to me wanted a kiss and then he had to leave i said wheres your phone he said in the car i went and lookd and his step dad said its in his pocket, i told him to give me the phone he said why are you doing this, my friend yelled frisk him! i reached in his pocket his phone was there, he grabbed my arm and told me we werent dating so it didnnt mean a dmn thing,.. we talked again he was talking to anothwe girl, he told me he lovedme but liked her, he said the werent even talking that much anymore, of course another lie! i told him to leave me alone!

and im glad that same day a gy texted me and weve been talking ever since, losing the other guy was a really good dision, the ex still does stuff to bother me like he hacked my myspace and added him self and put him as my first and put all of his cousins and brothers on my friends, then had the balls to text me while i was with the new guy and say leave me and his new girl alone i had my chanc so i needed to quit trying to hook up with him,,, i havent talked to the guy since that day and my relationship life couldnt be better!


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