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Hard to move

Me and my on and off boyfriend are together again after over a year of making up and breaking up.wheni got with him i was only 17 he was 22 with 2 kids and a stupid baby mama,never the less i fell in love,when we would break up i would be the life of the party and nothing was better than the life i was living but i had a empty space when i would get that text or call saying i cant stop thinking about yuh i miss you so much i want yuh back it felt like i was floating

i left my friends i was off the sceen,but little did i kno that he was going back with her again. hundreds and millions of break ups finaly sealed the deal i was done i moved on and left him and his stupid trick behind new man new style but i still had that hole that couldent be filled

months passed from feb-july i was doing me having fun until i got a call again i answered it and fell back into my little cycle again it was great floating,love,cant be without yuh,yur gunna be my wife,,yada yada yada,,

rite now were together after 3 weeks the baby mama found out about me and him being together and sum how all the dumb girls i thought were my friends went behind my back and told lies and now hes mad at me cuz of the fact that that she threatning him with child support and lord knows what

im so tired of this drama,,she likes to play these stupid games on myspace talking shit bout me and him then being like me and him are together again yayy im his wifey bla bla bla.

theres a reason people are called ex's beacuze they're not good enough to make it to your future but waht do you do if the past is always in the future??


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